Why I launched a digital marketing academy for purpose-driven organizations

Purpose-driven organizations, nonprofits, and associations are on the front lines every day trying to rally supporters, build a donor base, or engage members. It’s not easy.

The marketing professional who is formatting the e-mail blast, creating the digital ad campaign, and managing the tweets doesn’t always get the rewards or the accolades. But she knows there’s a greater purpose.

Likewise, the world of digital marketing is moving fast. New mediums, social media platforms and technologies are emerging every day. It’s difficult to keep up month after month, year after year. How does one know when to pivot?

Thus, I started Ignite Academy because I believe that with the right tools, techniques, and knowledge, purpose-driven organizations and their digital marketing professionals can embrace innovation in the digital space and ultimately create a better world.

Whether it’s digital strategy, e-mail marketing, social media, or content creation, we have an opportunity to understand best practices and emerging trends, and raise the bar for purpose-driven organizations so that they can create meaningful experiences for their audience that ignite action.

There are five core elements that are unique to Ignite Academy and make this a premiere institution in our nation's capital:

  1. Digital Marketing with a Purpose. All classes and workshops are geared toward purpose-driven organizations, nonprofits, and associations. Anyone is invited to attend of course, but we will be using purpose-driven organizations as the lens through which we teach.
  2. Interactive & In-Person. The classes are all in-person (currently in Washington, DC). Ah, the irony. There is great value to webinars and online learning, however, our classes thrive on interactivity, collaboration, and discussion. All classes will be recorded for those who can’t attend, but we encourage in-person participation.
  3. Real-World Education. Our classes are all taught by real-world professionals with deep, on-the-ground experience in their field. Each instructor brings his or her own experience and expertise to the class. Using real examples and providing meaningful materials for participants to bring back to their desks is critical to the program.
  4. No Sales Pitches. While Ignite Academy is an extension of Ignite Digital Strategy Group, we approach our classes with the single focus of training and education. No strings attached. We are happy to recommend partners if asked, but there are no pitch or sales presentation at any class or workshop.
  5. Building Community. Digital marketing professionals are often confined to their desks or cubicles. They may work on internal teams, but rarely have the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals working in their field. Ignite Academy provides an opportunity for the sharing of ideas, and building a stronger network of purpose-driven digital marketing professionals in the Washington, DC area.

Our goal at Ignite Academy is to build a skilled and knowledgeable community of "digital heroes" – professionals working with extraordinary organizations – making a difference by creating digital campaigns, engaging users, and developing meaningful online experiences. Inspiring change. Igniting action.

Ignite Academy Membership

Ignite Academy is based on a membership model that provides members with access to all 24 workshops and master classes throughout the year, class materials, online recordings of all classes, as well as some additional perks. 

Our introductory membership fee is $195/month for organizations and $145/month for individuals. Organizations can send up to two people per class with a single membership. You can cancel at any time. 

Classes and workshops are all held in Washington, DC, just two blocks from the Dupont Circle metro stop.

If you are interested in learning more about Ignite Academy or if you have any questions, e-mail Founder Jeff Rum at jeff@igniteaction.co or visitwww.igniteaction.co/academy