Ignite’s 2016 Year-End Roundup, Part One

Purpose-driven organizations must walk a fine line between their goals and their abilities. Ambitious nonprofits that seek to enact meaningful change should value their ambition, but should also take care to honor their mission statement and the values of their audience. At Ignite, we know that impactful strategy relies on looking backward as well as forward.

As 2016 draws to a close, we decided to review some of our most popular and most widely shared posts from the past year. These posts provide an overview of the content that we build upon at the Ignite Digital Academy. But they also bind us to our mission and recommit us to our work and our audience for the next year. (Be sure to check back next week for our follow-up post with numbers 1-5!)

No. 10: Why I Launched a Digital Marketing Academy for Purpose-Driven Organizations

“I started Ignite Academy because I believe that with the right tools, techniques, and knowledge, purpose-driven organizations and their digital marketing professionals can embrace innovation in the digital space and ultimately create a better world.” Read the full post here.

Time and again this year, we’ve encouraged organizations to work hard to develop a meaningful brand story and to pair their strategy with vital goals. At the end of 2016, we remain committed to our vision to help more people achieve a more innovative and benevolent world.

No. 9: 10 Steps to Building an Effective Digital Strategy

“There are many ways to slice and dice a strategy. Most importantly, it must serve as a blueprint, a framework, or a roadmap. Call it what you want, but it must be structured enough so you can stay on track when those email numbers keep growing, yet flexible enough so you can pivot when that new Snapchat campaign flops.” Read the full post here.

Your ideal digital strategy should enshrine a few critical ideas about the work you do, and then generate a number of approaches for engaging a diverse array of supporters across platforms. From there, your relationship with your audience should be one of outreach and refinement. Which strategies work, and which ones need work?

No. 8: Be a thought leader, publish on LinkedIn

“Your network on LinkedIn is likely your best social audience. People on LinkedIn tend to be more educated than those on other social networks. And, often, many of your LinkedIn connections are in your field. Plus: Publishing on LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to reach people beyond your connections to ‎LinkedIn’s 106 million active users. You want to get your organization’s message in front of the right people? LinkedIn is the right people.” Read the full post here.

We posted this after LinkedIn unveiled its latest blogging platform. In a way, LinkedIn remains a tailored community in the way that other social networking sites once were: Access is focused on business networks. Publishing on LinkedIn’s platform can present your work to a wider audience with a few shared interests, and potentially boost your site’s SEO. Interested? Then say hello!

No. 7: #GivingTuesday 2016: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

“The work of nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations is bigger than one day, of course. But a day that compels attention and drives empathy and mobilizes action can also bring new and impassioned supporters to organizations that need their support, perhaps now more than ever.” Read the full post here.

The first in our three-part series on #GivingTuesday got a lot of attention, though it came later in the year. (Here’s part two and part three.) Nevermind the focus on a single day. #GivingTuesday is a crash-course in testing new digital strategies, in clarifying your brand story and telling it in new and engaging ways. And, as we mentioned in our final post, there’s still time to leverage some of the good you did on #GivingTuesday for the next year.

No. 6: Nothing out of the question: Using online surveys to improve and grow

“Knowing what your constituents think is useful to the work that your organization does now. And knowing what your potential constituents think will help you to grow.” Read the full post here.

We spoke with Imbue Digital’s founder to gather some best practices for surveys, from tone to incentive, that will best reward an organization’s next steps. Asking your audience for wisdom can be as important as sharing your own wisdom with them. We look forward to more intelligent exchange in the next year.