I wrote a book.


After 18 months of writing my first book, I am ready to share it with the world. Writing Post with Purpose: A Digital Strategy Handbook was a labor of love and it certainly took a village to make it happen. There are too many people to thank, so I'll simply point you to the acknowledgments at the start of the book.

I wrote this book to share an easy-to-understand guide to building a digital marketing strategy that is meaningful, manageable, and measurable for organizations of all shapes and sizes. This is what we do every day at ignite: action and I wanted to share our process with others.

Writing this book was hard; editing it was harder; giving the thumbs up to send it to print was the hardest. The process taught me a lot about myself and about setting my mind to something and making it happen.

You can officially buy Post with Purpose: A Digital Strategy Handbook now. I hope that this book serves as a resource for many people out there. 

I can't wait to hear from you about what you like (or don't like, be honest!) and how you will use it to create a rockstar digital marketing strategy.

Jeffrey Rum
CEO + Founder, ignite: action