What is Experiential Marketing?

Shake Shack.

What do these brands have in common?

They are all using experiential marketing to reach new audiences and drive traffic. And ignite: action is helping them do it.

We're currently working with each of these brands with a focus on driving awareness and sales to parents on a hyper-local level.

Through a partnership with Baby Jam, a company that provides experiential marketing using musical experiences for children and parents, ignite: action has developed strategies and multi-channel marketing for these national brands.

And, the results are in.

  • We reached 50,000+ parents in the local DC metro area and drove 600 people into Nordstrom for family-friendly events promoting Disney on Ice. 

  • We reached 50,000+ people to promote menu items for Shake Shack, with nearly 100 customers attending a local in-store event.

  • We promoted Balducci’s new Reston, Virginia store to 73,000 parents in one week. 

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How did we drive success for these campaigns?

  1. Location. Location. Location. 
    For starters, we built a robust digital strategy and kept it hyper-local. In addition to sponsored posts, we made connections with local bloggers and shared content with niche groups on social media, neighborhood email groups, and speciality websites.

  2. Influencers
    Building relationships with local, key influencers is critical to getting in front of a local audience. Providing relevant content to individuals with large Instagram followers and local bloggers who focus on parenting, families, and activities allowed us to send the right messages to the right audiences. 

  3. Facebook Events 

    On a technical and practical level, we created engaging Facebook events for these brands. By doing so, we are able to track how many people have interest in attending. We then created an algorithm which helped us predict how many people actually attend these programs and events vs. how many "plan" to attend. This gives us the ability to ramp up or down the marketing accordingly.

In the end, it all comes down to content and experience. Brands that provide valuable content for consumers thrive. Furthermore, brands that meet people where they are — online and offline — and deliver meaningful experiences are well-positioned to build awareness, increase engagement, and ignite: action.

** If you're looking for new ways to promote unique events, drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and develop experiential marketing as part of your brand strategy, let's talk.