Yearly, a fun way to design awesome digital annual reports

For 15 years, I’ve been running my own agency; it’s been a dream of mine to launch a digital product. Today, the dream is no more.

Introducing Yearly, an online platform to create beautiful, interactive, and engaging digital annual reports.


How did this product come about?

Our team at ignite: action spent nearly a year doing research and talking to nonprofits, associations, and foundations. We learned that nearly everyone was looking for a solution to turn the static annual report into a digital experience.

“The process is tedious. And it’s the same stuff every year. Does anyone read it? So many end up in the trash.”

This is what we heard. Over. And over. And over again.

So we came up with a solution… Yearly.

Yearly saves organizations time, money, and resources. Moreover, the finished product is sleek, inviting, and perfect for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing.

We wanted to change the way annual reports are created and experienced. Yearly aims to break the mold and disrupt the age-old annual report.


What makes Yearly different?

Yearly makes the process easy for marketing and fundraising professionals. It’s digital, so the report can be updated at any time. Misspelled a donor’s name? Change it instantly. Need to add some impact statistics? Go for it. Just save and publish.

Furthermore, organizations can now add media to their annual reports like video, audio, image galleries, and other interactive elements. The report becomes an experience rather than a flat publication.

What are some of the cool features? Yearly allows organizations to:

  • Include polls to generate feedback and learn from your audience

  • Add a donation form link to increase online fundraising

  • Take advantage of the power of digital storytelling

  • Integrate with social media accounts to keep your report fresh and current

  • Easily add charts and graphs to highlight financials and other key stats


The journey ahead

It’s day one at Yearly. We’re thrilled to share our new product with the world. We have a phenomenal team of customer service specialists, designers and marketing professionals to help each and every organization reach success with Yearly.

We’re helping the environment.
We’re helping brands promote their cause and show their impact.
We’re doing our part to make the world a better place.
One organization at a time.
One digital report at a time.
You never know what will ignite a donor to give.
A member to join.
A volunteer to take action.

We built Yearly to give organizations the tools to tell powerful stories.

So, what’s your story? Schedule a free demo today.

Jeff Rum, Co-Founder
Yearly LLC