About the Workshop:

Thursday, February 16
9:30am - 11:00am

1200 18th St NW
Washington, DC

There is a whole lot of data out there. And it’s easy enough to pull reports from Google, Facebook, and other reporting tools. You know the lingo: website hits, bounce rate, click-through rate. But how do you make this data deluge meaningful and useful to your organization? This workshop will show you how to connect your analytics to your goals, so that analytics can lead your organization to concrete action. Get the insights and lose the clutter.


  • How to extract insights from web analytics to helps achieve goals
  • How to navigate different analytics tools, including new features in updated Google Analytics
  • How to use analytics to measure social footprint
  • How to learn not just the demographics of your audience but how it behaves
  • How to use analytics to figure out which of your tools and strategies are effective (or not)
  • Create a meaningful analytics report to share within your organization, including leadership


Our workshops are specifically designed for digital marketing and communication professionals working for a nonprofit, association, or membership-driven organization. However, executive management, development professionals, and consultants will gain important skills to enhance their knowledge base.