Yearly, a fun way to design awesome digital annual reports

Yearly, a fun way to design awesome digital annual reports

Introducing Yearly, an online platform to create beautiful, interactive, and engaging digital annual reports.

What is Experiential Marketing?

What is experiential marketing? How can it help your organization immerse customers with your products? Through a partnership with Baby Jam, a company that provides experiential marketing using musical experiences for children and parents, ignite: action has developed strategies and multi-channel marketing techniques on a hyper-local level. And the results are in.

How to Employ End-User Feedback to Improve Your Organization

In a rapidly changing world, organizations must change continuously to stay relevant and provide the best services possible. End-user feedback is a great way to catalyze that change.

Can Producing a Short Film Be Part of a Digital Strategy? We Think So.

The short video “One of Those Dates” is funny. It has memorable and relatable characters. Why would a foundation with a strategic goal of educating the public about a disease make entertainment?

What You Think About Us: The Raw Results of our Client Survey

We recently surveyed our clients, and, in the spirit of full transparency, I’m sharing the report—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

How to Get User Feedback… Quickly!

“People who complain … aren’t an annoyance; they’re actually helping you do a better job.” How to get the feedback you need for better user experience.

A Social Media Power User’s Advice for Instagram

Do you use Instagram personally, but aren’t sure how to use it for your organization? Instagram offers organizations a great opportunity to tell visual stories and reach people on what feels like a less-crowded platform.

The Role of the CEO on Social Media

Social media offers the leaders of organizations the opportunity to speak directly to their audience about values and decision-making processes. Which in turn could potentially help create organizational transparency and build trust.

14 Things to Do to Make Your Blog Post a Success, both Before and After You Hit Publish

There are a few simple things you can do while you are writing a blog post that will make it more searchable and effective.

Worth a Thousand Words: What Do Your Photos Say About Who You Are and Who You Serve as an Organization?

Think about the diversity of experience represented in the images you use to brand your organization. You may need to go beyond the images that you are used to seeing. The payoff: renewed intentionality.