5 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now to Prepare for #GivingTuesday

Think about what kind of story you can tell for #GivingTuesday. You’ll likely want your end-of-year fundraising to use the same story: something appropriate for the whole giving season that can be heard through the noise.

How To: Social Media Listening and Tools

A quick and dirty social listening strategy should include first identifying your goals. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to respond to people who are talking about your organization online?

Did You Hear? The 5 Benefits of Social Media Listening

People are trying to communicate with your organization on social media, but if you aren’t listening, you can’t hear them.

The New Science of Customer Emotions

Could you be connecting with your audiences’ emotional motivations? Those deep, sometimes unconscious, desires that drive behavior in all of our interactions?

How a Donor is Like a Customer: A Lesson from the For-Profit World

Why does customer experience matter? It’s the process that builds the relationship between a customer and an organization. It requires an investment of time and money to do it right.

I wrote a book.

I wrote this book to share an easy-to-understand guide to building a digital marketing strategy that is meaningful, manageable, and measurable for organizations of all shapes and sizes. This is what we do every day at ignite: action and I wanted to share our process with others.

Do You Know Your Brand Story?

Storytelling is a major buzzword in marketing these days. The right brand narrative has the power to boost your content marketing efforts to the next level, with stories that can transform lukewarm audiences into loyal advocates.

The Facebook Update and its Impact on Nonprofits

As Facebook newsfeeds will soon prioritize posts from friends, family members and groups over posts from publishers and brands, this move is bound to cause a seismic shift in the digital marketing world. Consider this an opportunity to boost your digital marketing strategy for the new year.

Top 18 Digital Strategy Tips for 2018

Gearing up for 2018, let us present to you our top 18 tips to take your company’s digital strategy to the next level!

Top 5 Tips for Epic Email Subject Lines

Organizations tend to put a lot of effort into the content of the email without considering how they’re going to ignite enough interest to actually get people to click open. Don’t let your efforts go to waste.